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MEDIA TRAINING with Ginella Massa 

Are you looking to get news coverage for your organization, combat

negative press, and confidently give live interviews? 

Having worked in national and local TV and radio, both on-air and behind the scenes, Ginella Massa has spent more than a decade in Canadian newsrooms, pitching stories, chasing guests, and interviewing public figures.

Unlock the the mystery of media, and learn how to take control of the narrative... Book your personalized session today! 



Media Consulting Services

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Media 101 Workshop

3 hour session
10 participants max

Unlock the mystery of the media and master the art of the interview. You’ll learn:

  • Why newsrooms choose certain stories to cover

  • How to write effective pitches and press releases

  • Tips and tricks to confidently conduct live interviews that put you in control of the narrative.

1-on-1 Media Coaching

2 hour session min
2 participants max

Building off the media training workshop,

we will:

  • Break down and analyze past news coverage

  • Conduct mock interviews and elevate your live interviewing skills

  • Help you create concise and compelling quotes that will turn you into an engaging commentator.

Public Relations Strategizing

2 hour session min
6 participants max

Together we’ll map out your public relations goals, build your messaging, and create a communications plan that engages and motivates the public,  while turning you into a trusted organization ready to successfully engage with various stakeholders.




Ginella Massa is an award-winning Canadian broadcaster, journalism instructor, and sought after media consultant. She graduated with an Honours BA in Communication Studies at York University and has a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College. She has worked in local and national newsrooms across the country in both TV and radio.  Most recently, she was the host of "Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa" on the country's national public broadcaster, CBC News Network.

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"Ginella Massa is one of Canada's leading educators in media. I was blown away by her ability to anticipate the student's exact needs in a short period of time. She answered every question I had about how to handle media requests, and how to prepare yourself for any live or recorded interview. I learned more in 60 minutes with her than the last 7 years since I founded my non-profit." 

     - Aisha Amijee, President and Founder, Voices of Muslim Women

"I had the pleasure of being both personally coached by Ginella Massa and participate in her media training workshop. She has expert knowledge on how to present yourself in media and is able to very eloquently break it down to folks who have had limited interaction with mainstream media. She provided effective tips and strategies on both delivering and reinforcing my main message, no matter the questions. Most importantly, she taught me to take control the narrative, which I never knew I could do. I would highly recommend Ginella as your go to person for any media and training needs."

      -Aisha Khaja, Grant and Policy Consultant, Red Tree Strategic Consulting


"Awesome job.. engaging and informative!"


 "A great workshop! Very well facilitated. The case scenarios were extremely beneficial."


"Incredibly informative and thoughtful."

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